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Ensuring Sound Business Practices Are In Place

“The NAIT Student Association (NAITSA) went on contract with Shieldco & Associates for the consulting services for our student lounge, ‘The Nest’, from Sept 17, 1998 through to November 20th, 1998. During this time, they have proven to be highly knowledgeable in all areas of our operations. They are very well organized, reliable, and trustworthy… In the short time that Shieldco were with us, they turned ‘The Nest’ around from a $100,000 loss a year to a $150,000 profit a year. The professional attitude of the company has made them a pleasure to work with.”
Scott C. Williams
President, NAITSA

Specializing in Hotels, Restaurants & Bars

Our team of managers lead by Clarence Shields, possess all the required liquor and gaming certifications issued by the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission, to manage hospitality operations- including VLTs. 

Our team ensures that sound business practices are in place in the following areas:

  • Accurate Inventory Counts
  • Purchasing Controls & Guidelines
  • Reputable Vendor Control Systems
  • Liquor & Food Service Control Programs
  • Implementing Employee Handbook & Corporate Guidelines
  • Strict enforcement of Alberta Employee Standards
  • Labor Cost Evaluation & Management

To Be Successful, You Need The right Team

A key reason for the success of all the Shieldco Group ventures is the quality of our employees. Walk in and you will find our staff to be outgoing and welcoming, with a service style that makes you feel right at home. We hire the best, we empower them with expertise, and we let them be themselves. Most of all, we give them opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. Management and staff opportunities are often available at the Shieldco Group of Companies

Experience What we have to offer

Accurate Inventory Counts

Learn the most effective ways to manage your inventory to ensure precise counts.

Vendor Control Systems

Form relationships with reputable vendors and to maintain business relationships.

Cost Evaluation & Managemnet

Our financial controllers and certified accountants will correct and maintain inefficiencies to protect your profit margin.

Purchasing Control Guidelines

Preventative measures to ensure realistic spending to protect your bottom line from wasteage.

Service Control Programs

Providing you with an accurate evaluation of the present financial and operating status of the facility we inspect or manage on your behalf.

Employment Standard Guidelines

We will evaluate company standards and practices to ensure they meet with provincial labour standard and guidelines to protect you and your team.

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